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At Star Link, client success is Priority One. We take great pride in our ability to create partnerships that endure the test of time. We are passionate about delivering outstanding customer service and getting the results you expect. We leverage our knowledge and experience to design custom solutions tailored to your unique printing and marketing communication needs without compromising quality, speed, and attention to detail.



With Star Link’s corporate branded storefronts, enterprises large and small can empower their end users to easily and efficiently create marketing materials that abide by the company’s corporate identity and branding guidelines. If needed, documents can be personalized, edited, and ordered for their specific locations, campaigns, and events with the assurance that they fully comply with company brand requirements.



REDUCED WASTAGE AND INVENTORY: Combined with Star Link’s Print-On-Demand service, our storefront solution ensures that wastage and inventory spoilage is minimized because materials are only printed and produced when an order is placed.

INSTANT ONLINE PROOFING: Our storefront solution incorporates instant online proofing that allows the end-user to print, review, and edit the document prior to finalizing the order. This process substantially minimizes errors or delay in the ordering process, resulting in faster delivery of the product.

SIMPLE AND EFFICIENT ORDERING WORKFLOW: Our customizable storefronts ensure an easy and straightforward ordering workflow. The system incorporates flexible product pricing, payment, and shipping methods.

ADOBE CREATIVE SUITE SUPPORT: Star Link’s storefront integrates Adobe’s InDesign Server. As such, our storefront directly supports files created using Adobe Creative Suite. Documents created in Adobe InDesign serve as product templates for the store. This means that designers working with InDesign can take advantage of InDesign’s layout capabilities and have full confidence that their document’s integrity will be maintained. In addition, designers can create eye-catching visuals through image personalization using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

WEB-TO-PRINT STOREFRONTS:  We has mastered and incorporated XMPie’ s Transmedia technology so we can develop web-to-print storefronts.  This solution provides Star Link the capability to offer an efficient and cost-effective way of delivering branded marketing collaterals & corresponding premium/incentive items to corporate end-users, agents, and distributors. Products in the storefront can be both static or dynamic (customized) and can range from small business cards runs all the way to large event banners and signage.