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At Star Link, client success is Priority One. We take great pride in our ability to create partnerships that endure the test of time. We are passionate about delivering outstanding customer service and getting the results you expect. We leverage our knowledge and experience to design custom solutions tailored to your unique printing and marketing communication needs without compromising quality, speed, and attention to detail.



At Star Link we work with the business team to ensure that each project is completed without errors according to the project. What exactly does this mean? We help initiate, plan, execute, monitor, and measure all day-to-day tasks through project completion and beyond. We strive to support and provide guidance for all team activities throughout the project life cycle.



As your project manager we have multiple responsibilities to assist the team within our purview including:

  • Time Management—develop schedules & estimate activity duration
  • Costs Management—estimate costs & determine budgets
  • Procurement Management—identify, negotiate, and buy products/services.
  • Quality Management—control quality & cost of deliverables
  •  Human Resource Management—identify/oversee 3rd party resources (as needed)

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